What to do in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

What to do in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


No matter where you go on the Yucatan Peninsula, you will have so much more to see than just a city. For example, Merida.

A beautiful old town in colonial style, colourful, full of art, friendly people and wonderful heat. Merida is divided in two part, the old part and the northern posh part.

This was the first town the Spanish Inquisitors founded. Here the bloodiest wars have been fought with the brave Mayan who’s culture and history is held in high esteem today and 90% of the population of Mexico is a mix of the Mayan people and mainly Spanish.

But half an hour drive away are wonderful beaches.
If you go to Progresso, don’t just go to the beach, ask for La Ria de Progresso. You heard me – it’s not EL RIO, it’s La Ria, a lagoon of sweet water, low trees and at times flamingos. You can rent a kayak and fight your way through a maze of tunnels. I recommend you take a guide because people did get lost in the past.

Then there are all these archeological sites!! What you absolutely HAVE to see are

I don’t have any pictures or videos of this magical place because stupidly I have put my bag up above in the bus and fell asleep – and my camera got stolen. Look, this could have happened to me in London, it doesn’t matter. It was my fault. But – lesson learned!

I didn’t bother to go to Chichen Itza. If you’re close to Valladolid, it’s easier to visit, but it’s a sight crowded with sales people and tourists which I usually try to avoid:)

Then there are the FLAMINGOS in Celestun, the one thing I regret not to have done. I hoped to see them in Progreso but the pink sight of thousands of flamingos is supposed to be breathtaking.

And then there are the Cenotes, a sweet water underground system runs under the whole of Yucatan and comes up and is accessible through caves or sometimes open plan small lakes with deep clear water. There are apparently 10,000 of them. I can recommend you some when I’ll post the video of Valladolid.

Yucatan – just ONE part of Mexico. It’s my second time here and I know I will be back for MORE:)

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